Belmont Stakes Shenanigans

As long as we have lived in NYC, we've made it a point to go the Belmont Stakes. Who wouldn't? I mean -- it's the freaking Belmont Stakes, one of the great horse races of the world, and it's just a short train ride away. Sounds so perfect, doesn't it? Eh. Here's the thing. When … Continue reading Belmont Stakes Shenanigans


Spring in Brooklyn

Spring was a long time coming this year, especially considering the epic snowfall and deep freeze we had to deal with. As a Floridian, naturally, I have not been amused. It's still cold somehow -- how is it almost May and it's still cold? -- but the trees finally sighed and gave in, making for … Continue reading Spring in Brooklyn

The Kelpies Take Manhattan

We had an amazing opportunity yesterday -- to see the Mini Kelpies, which are two 1/10 size maquettes of the full-size Kelpies statues in Scotland. In case you're not familiar with The Kelpies, they are these giant horse-heads: Having never seen the full-size Kelpies, I can't say with absolute certainty that they were no less … Continue reading The Kelpies Take Manhattan