Valentine’s Day Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day, horsey friends and book friends! You’re my favorite overlap on the Venn Diagram of my obsessions.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with chocolates or flowers, or anything, because I’m a snooty kind of person about holidays in general… I need a better reason to buy things or demand things than “this aisle at Target is even more red than usual,” but there are some traditions no one should turn their nose up at. I am, of course, referring to candy hearts! Which are disgusting in real life! But are fun to turn into memes!

equestrian valentine's day hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day, you crazy horsepeople!

The other tradition is tomorrow’s half-off candy sugarthon. There better be some Reese’s Hearts left over at Walgreens!! (I will make this a healthy tradition this year by riding my bike there. Maybe.)

It’s true a big chunk of my disregard for all commercial holidays comes from my non-holiday-celebrating youth (I belonged to one of those religions at the time), but any chance I had at being a normal American consumer was also stymied by my status as an equestrian. Holidays? What holidays? Every day is the same when you have horses to feed and stalls to muck.

Back when I was riding in the New York City Parks Department, one of my colleagues was upset because my partner and I took the horses out on a short patrol of Central Park on Christmas Day.

“But the horses need to go out and stretch their legs,” I argued. “Why would I skip riding just because it’s a holiday?”

In actuality I should have skipped riding because it was about twenty-two degrees and windy that Christmas Day, but we managed to do a turn around the lower park loop without losing any of our extremities. And the horses seemed to enjoy themselves.

But the food element of any holiday is something all equestrians can get behind, so three cheers for chocolate hearts, and I’ll see you in the check-out line tomorrow, my arms overflowing with sweetness.

Thanks everyone for making 2019 such a special year so far! You all deserve a fantastic Valentine’s Day – and as much chocolate as you can carry tomorrow.

Lots of love,


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