Luck: Book 4 of the Eventing Series

It’s time for Book 4 of the Eventing Series! While Ambition, the first book, is still racking up week upon week as one of the best-selling horse books on Amazon, I’ve been getting book 4 together for readers. Why else would I do with my holiday break?

Luck Kindle Cover

The cover of Luck is a departure from the rest of the series, which all feature the faces of horses. But I think if you look carefully, you’ll see why this cover is absolutely perfect for the title.

Oh, what’s it about? Well, I find it hard to write a synopsis for a book this deep into the series. I don’t want new readers to stumble onto this blog post or read the blurb on Amazon and think, “spoiler alert!” every single time. So I’ve tried to keep it a little vague. Here’s what I wrote for the new release:

Jules is used to starting over. With her horses, her dreams, and Pete by her side, they’re making a new go of eventing life in an unlikely setting. After years of riding for trainers and owners, their isolated little farm feels like a luxury to her. Unfortunately, not everyone in the business agrees that less is more. Jules has never thought of herself as lucky, but now she’ll need all the luck — and hard work — in the world to hang on to the horses she loves.

Does that give away too much? Not enough? It’s hard to say. There’s a lot of drama surrounding Mickey, and Jules finds herself making money in a way she swore she never would, and there are a few dashes of Grace and Alex in the mix as well.

Basically, if you’ve read Ambition, Pride and Courage, you’re going to want to catch up with everyone on a quick re-read, and read Luck next!

Luck is available for pre-order through Jan. 11, 2018 in the Amazon Kindle Store. Pre-orders will download to your Kindle or Kindle app for your smartphone, tablet or computer on Jan. 12, 2018. That’s also the date you can begin reading Luck for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Waiting of the paperback? I agree, paper’s best. But you’ll have to wait just a little longer, as they also take longer to produce. I promise to update you as soon as paperbacks become available. As with all my books, when you purchase a paperback through Amazon, you’ll be able to download the Kindle edition for free.

Looking forward to Luck? 

View Luck: The Eventing Series Book 4 at Amazon.

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