An Equestrian Book Club

Book clubs are so fun. You read a book, you go to a book store or a cafe, you drink a lot of wine with your girls and talk about all the self-affirming principles you learned from your mutual read…

Wait, that’s just on TV and Pinterest. That’s not real life.

Especially for many of my equestrian friends, who don’t live within commuting distance of a book store or cafe, let alone have the time to go there in the evening and drink wine. Hello, did anyone ever hear of mucking out after work? There’s a little thing called night-check? And we have to fit riding into the 32 minutes of evening daylight we’re granted once the clocks change (sorry to bring up a sore subject).

Still, there are so many great horse books out there.  It would be a shame to miss out on any of them. Your horse agrees.

horse book club Photo: flickr/australianshepherds

Photo: flickr/australianshepherds. Usage:

My friends at Horseback Reads are cooking up an equestrian book club. An online book club, so there’s none of that commuting thing. Just a book we all read together, a chat with the author (and with each other), so we’re getting together to celebrate the good things in life: horses and books. (You can supply your own wine if you like; we prefer Pinto Grigio for these things).

It’s also a great way to while away these upcoming dark evenings… in between sunset and night-check, that is.

Want to help us design our Equestrian Book Club of the Future? If you have ideas, suggestions, random thoughts, lightbulb moments, or strokes of genius, please bring them to our attention. Just visit our Facebook page at Or leave a comment here!

We’re going to build a better book club, and we want your ideas on what will make it great for you! 

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