Time to Read For Free with Amazon Prime

Good news for Amazon Prime members! After much consideration (and lots of great feedback from readers), I’ve decided to put my books in the Kindle Select program at Amazon.

This was not an easy decision. Kindle Select requires an exclusivity sales contract that isn’t my favorite thing in the world. As a Nook owner and long time Barnes & Noble devotee, I was happy to have my books in the BN.com fold.

The reality, though, is that BN.com’s search engine is just not good enough. As an indie writer, I need search engines to work with me. I need categories, tags, and metadata to do their thing so that readers can search for “Equestrian Fiction,” or “Horse Books,” and actually get proper results.

What happens when you search BN.com for "Equestrian Fiction." What is this even.

What happens when you search BN.com for “Equestrian Fiction.” What is this even.

Finding my books on BN.com unless you are specifically looking for “Natalie Keller Reinert” is statistically just not happening.

Meanwhile, over at Amazon…

Not just actual fiction - Look at all the categories that you can search within.

Not just actual fiction – Look at all the categories that you can search within.

Not only does Amazon.com provide actual fiction titles under an “Equestrian Fiction” search, it shows you the categories where you can find these titles. Children’s Sports and Outdoors. Equestrian Sports. Horse Riding. Teen and Young Adult Equestrian Fiction. Not adult fiction, yet, but I have my hopes… this is a growing category!

There are a lot of solid marketing reasons to go with Amazon, but the fact that they provide a working search engine, and are willing to create new categories that evolve and specialize as we writers evolve and specialize, is the most compelling reason for me. I want our category to grow and thrive. I want more quality equestrian fiction for children, teens, and adults. I want those “What’s Your Favorite Horse Book?” lists on Goodreads to stop exclusively including things like “The Thoroughbred Series – I loved those when I was a kid!!” and instead, list off current, relevant titles that address the issues that we face today as equestrians.

Oh, sorry, bit of a tangent there.

Anyway, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can now borrow any of my titles for free with the Kindle Lending Library. Feel free. Read them. Review them. Recommend them (if you so choose), and help raise visibility for all of the writers who are in this together, telling stories that you can relate to, exploring the equestrian world the way that you see it, not the way that the outside world sees it.

As always, you can find all of my titles here: http://www.amazon.com/Natalie-Keller-Reinert/e/B005K98KDK/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

I should note too that my paperbacks are available wherever books are sold, including Barnes & Noble. For the titles that aren’t yet in paperback… they will be.

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