Don’t Hate the Side-Hustle

The side-hustle is getting a lot of grief these days. Having a side-gig is getting blamed for everything from millennial burn-out to the accusation that we're turning our hobbies into jobs because of online/offline peer pressure (and thus hating our hobbies for being our jobs). And while it's true the entrepreneurial mood right now is … Continue reading Don’t Hate the Side-Hustle

Valentine’s Day Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day, horsey friends and book friends! You're my favorite overlap on the Venn Diagram of my obsessions. I don't celebrate Valentine's Day with chocolates or flowers, or anything, because I'm a snooty kind of person about holidays in general... I need a better reason to buy things or demand things than "this aisle … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Hearts

New Equestrian Fiction Coming in 2019

Having closed out 2018 with two new equestrian fiction novels -- Horses in Wonderland and Luck, I'm really excited to say there will be plenty of new fiction in 2019! This is going to be a very big year of goals, deadlines, and lots of frantic typing... in other words, it's a dream year for … Continue reading New Equestrian Fiction Coming in 2019

First Read: Horses in Wonderland

The sequel to Show Barn Blues is now on pre-sale at Amazon! Thanks to so many readers for making it a number one horse book in several categories! Lots of early readers at Patreon have been loving the updates to the story of Grace, Kennedy, Anna and the other riders, grooms and boarders at Seabreeze Equestrian Center. … Continue reading First Read: Horses in Wonderland

Horses in Wonderland Now on Sale

If you're looking for something new for your Kindle, pre-order Horses in Wonderland and it will download automatically on December 26th, 2018. That's perfect if you're looking for a good excuse to hide out from family after the holiday... just let them know you have some very important reading to do! Just to catch you up, Horses in … Continue reading Horses in Wonderland Now on Sale

Equine Affaire and New Equestrian Fiction Alert

November is somehow always my busiest month, and this year is no exception. I have two huge announcements for readers! 1. Equine Affaire 2018 Booksigning I haven't been to Equine Affaire since 2016, so I am thrilled to come back November 10-11 to sign books and chat with readers! I'll be at the wonderful Taborton Equine … Continue reading Equine Affaire and New Equestrian Fiction Alert

Read It First at Patreon

Do you want to be the first to read new and unpublished writing? Guess what, kids -- that's a thing now. Because if you didn't know it, I'm sharing the new goods at Patreon now. Patreon is a subscription-based service which connects creators and their supporters. Artists, musicians, podcasters -- anyone who makes things for … Continue reading Read It First at Patreon